Throughout the years, anglers have tried lots of ways in deploying baits – where the catch really is. Saltwater anglers have been using downriggers for quite some time already, but trout fishers just had the chance to do so very recently, brought by the changes in freshwater fishing in the country. With this, there has been a significant effect on how we catch trout and other fishes and on the tackle used.

Freshwater fishing

Trout can usually be found at various depths at different times of day and year. With this, before, fishers had to use lengthy wire and lead lines to get to them, most especially during summers. These lines may be considered solutions to the problem, but these can’t really be accounted as ‘sporting tackles’.

Using downriggers eliminated such problem, allowing amateur fishers to compete with jig fishers while using lighter tackles to catch their aimed fish more efficiently.

Now, even though downriggers are not that fit to all types of waters, once it is, what I’ll only need are a reel and a rod for lead-lining, harling, and deep-water trolling. This is as such because downriggers do not set the tackle’s capacities; it focuses more on the range of depth.

What’s great about it is we can fish through two or three lines using just one downrigger. In this case, you just need to place two release clips on the rigger. Hence, with two riggers, you can readily fish four lines. Now, how does it happen? Well, you just need to have one on the ball, while the other one’s some metres above it through a clip running through the mainline. Run the bottom line longer, while the top line turns out short in each side.


Meanwhile, when it comes to saltwater options, we have a lot more to consider. One of the most obvious is for trolling, wherein the downrigger lets you put the bait down to the fish’s location. This style is best in towing lures like bibless or bibbed minnows, wherein they can be led to clear water for them to be seen.

This is also why a lot of the best game boats aiming for broadbill since there’s nothing else to allow the bait to be presented accurately while trolling the location slowly.

All in all, as we utilise downriggers, we should still exercise caution. Due to their weight, we must try to avoid obstructing different objects beneath the surface. In such cases, always bring wire cutters to prevent such instances.